Science Based Management of Wildlife Habitat on Public Lands

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The Appalachian Habitat Association (AHA) was established to maintain and promote a science-based approach to the management of wildlife habitat for the benefit of game and non-game species on publicly owned federal and state lands that are primarily, but not exclusively, in the Virginia counties of Alleghany, Augusta, Bath, Botetourt, Highland, Rockbridge, and Craig. 

The AHA promotes education about wildlife habitat by supporting research efforts that may assist in better understanding wildlife needs and wildlife habitat development.


Every year the Appalachian Habitat Association (AHA) Board of Directors receives requests from Local, State and Federal agencies, institutions of higher education, as well as members of the public suggesting projects or research studies designed to improve habitat or support wildlife conservation programs.

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Ensure that the work of the AHA continues to support the improvement of habitat and wildlife conservation in the Appalachian region of the Virginia’s Western Highlands.

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One of the goals of the Appalachian Habitat Association is to promote education and research designed to improve wildlife habitat and conservation. One of the ways in which we do this is to provide students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs of study related to wildlife habitat and conservation with scholarships to pursue their studies.  They may attend programs outside of the region but must be from the counties of Allegheny, Augusta, Bath, Botetourt, Craig, Highland and Rockbridge to qualify.